About Subliminal Dragon

Subliminal Dragon is an innovative informative website. Subliminal Dragon is an online extension of the experience, knowledge and journey of our writers. Subliminal Dragon provides readers with information on a wide range of issues related to mysticism, spiritualism, magick and the occult for our readers to learn from and to connect with additional resources.

Subliminal Dragon is for All
Subliminal Dragon is for any individual interested in furthering their knowledge and understanding in such topics presented. Occasionally, we may post additional resources, such as book stores, temples, sanctuaries, and organizations. Users are advised to use their personal judgement when visiting outside websites, businesses or organizations outside of Subliminal Dragon.

About Subliminal Dragon
The mission of Subliminal Dragon is to build an ongoing platform for users to read, interpret and network with others with similar interests.

History of Subliminal Dragon
Subliminal Dragon was originally created back in 2001 by Aeona, a member of the Golden Dawn. She shared her knowledge and experiences in mysticism, spirituality and the occult. After maintaining the site for several years, she released the site to focus more time with her personal life and her journey with the Golden Dawn.

Early in 2017, she met the Five, who was not a formal student of any arts but has been told to be a magician and has had numerous experiences and journeys of his own.

Through numerous conversations, experiences, both shared or separate, they decided to re-establish the Subliminal Dragon platform to share information for others. Aeona, has written most of the content from her training, experiences and growth in the Golden Dawn. Five assists in technical aspects of the site.

Upon occasion, Subliminal Dragon may invite other individuals to write a post based on specific paths, journeys or experiences they’ve had.