What is Divination

What is Divination According to Webster’s definition it is (1.) the art or practice of using omens or magic powers to foretell the future. (2.) Unusual insight or intuitive perception. Divination on the other hand is tapping into the energies of time.  Past, present, and future are not concrete; they flow like mists on the… Read More What is Divination



Talismans, Sigils & other Holy Symbols The Almadel ‘Ars Almadel Salomonis’, is the fourth book of the “Lemegeton”, commonly referred to as “The Lesser Key of Solomon”. It can be one tablet or four made of wax, one for each of the four chief angels governing the four altitudes. The tablet is used for invocations… Read More Talismans


Talismans 2

  Talismans & Sigils II  YHVH & the Universe    The 3 mother letters, Aleph representing Air, Mem representing water & Shin representing fire are at the points of the triangle.  YHVH is in the center of the triangle arranged in the Tetractys of Pythagoras, equaling 10.  The inner circle contains the 7 Hebrew letters that represent… Read More Talismans 2

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Pantheons of African, Carribbean, Artic, Baltic, Slavic, Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Phoenician, Sumerian and Tibetan cultures.  In addition, Aztecan & Mayan included in the Type section.

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Colors in Magic

Colors in Magick ~Red~ Energy, strength, passion, vigor, fire, power, life’s blood, fastest vibrations, Red is the first color to be noticed. primal creative force, affects the circulatory system and the reproductive organs. 1st chakra. ~Magenta~ Omnipotence, actinic, high frequency, penetrates all planes quickly, promotes speedy action, spiritual healing. ~Orange~ Sun, warmth, creativity, enthusiasm, emotions,… Read More Colors in Magic