What exactly is spirituality?

Spirituality as commonly defined by those on mystical paths would say it’s the way of the Spirit.  In some cases it’s the feminine aspect to masculine religions.  This is not to say there is no spirituality inherent in masculine religions.  It’s dependent upon the individual and how they connect to their spirit or soul or how they reach their godhead.

What is mysticism?

Mysticism is the process taken in reaching your godhead / higher genius or “conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel”.  Or as plainly put “becoming one with God”.

What is the Occult?

The “Occult” when used as a title refers to hidden or secret knowledge.  Hence the definition of the word being “not revealed”, “not easily apprehended or understood”, “hidden”.

What is Magick?

Not to be confused with slight of hand, magick is the practice of making a change in one’s life by using their own personal energy and energy in the surroundings. Magick is typically neutral, neither good, nor evil, though the practitioner can decide how to focus their energy.

Magick can use tools or visualized, depending on the individual.

Do we worship Satan/Devil? Do we believe in a Satan/Devil?

People who worship Satan call themselves Satanists.  Luciferians worship Lucifer, and Setians worship the Egyptian deity Set.  Typically Ceremonial Magicians, Alchemists, Kabbalists or Pagans  do not worship Satan.

Majority of us don’t believe in a totality of good vs evil but rather a blend of black, white and grey.  There is no devil waiting to devour your soul or punish you mercilessly for your sins.  Some of us believe these to be metaphors for states of consciousness where the state is caused  by a summation of your past actions.

One belief is that your “Higher Genius” sets you on a course where you have no choice but to face a fear that is holding you back.

There are also serious consequences to letting oneself become imbalanced which it is believed could lead to a state of being easily tempted or subject to harsh, unreasoning, unrelenting forces.