Introduction into the Western concept of metaphysical “Magic”, Elements & Chakras.

Magick \’ma-jik\ old English spelling. Revived by Aleister Crowley, first used by Eliphas Levi to differentiate between staged illusions, slight of hand and the phenomena that involves power over natural forces.

Pico della Mirandola wrote about magic in his “900 Theses” which he planned to use in defense of magic and Hermetic philosophy at the Vatican.  In the defense of magic he said, “Nature performs in a natural way the things that the magician achieves by his/her art.” Pico della Mirandola -Conclusiones philosophicae,cabbalisticae et theologicae, 1486

Mr.Crowley needs no introduction to anyone versed in magic at even an intermediate level. Whether you agree with him and his shenanigans, whether you understand him and can relate, one thing no one can dispute, the man knew magic.  “..the Science and Art of causing change to occur in consciousness in conformity with will.” Aleister Crowley -Magick in Theory and Practice

Author of many books on magic and Santeria in the Spanish language as well as English.  Ms. Gonzalez-Wippler is a treasure house of information on several mystical traditions.  In her book ‘The Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies & Magick’ she said, “Magick is a dream come true, a prayer answered, a hope realize. Magick is also a new born baby, the petals of a rose, a Beethoven symphony. Magick is many things, but above all magick is an act of creation.” Migene Gonzalez-Wippler -The Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies & Magick

The co-founder of the Theosophist Society has a beautiful definition of magic.  “Magick considered as a science is the knowledge of the principles and the way, by means of which the omniscience and omnipotence of the Spirit and it’s control over the forces of Nature can be acquired by the individual, even though he is still within his own body. Considered as an art, magick is the application of this knowledge to practice.” Helena Petrovna Blavatsky -Isis Unveiled 1877.  

‘Magickal phenomena are willed and their cause is the series of “real” phenomena called the operations of ceremonial Magic. These consist of..

(1) Sight/ The circle, square, triangle, vessels, lamps, candles, talismans, robes, implements, etc.

(2) Sound/ The invocations, chanting, bell, horn, prayers, music, etc.

(3) Smell/ The perfumes, incenses, oils.

(4) Taste/ The sacraments, wine, feast.

(5)Touch/ Being physically present in the ritual or temple space. Warmth of the candle flame, etc.

(6) Mind/ The combination of all these and reflection on their significance.

These unusual impressions (1-5) produce unusual brain changes; hence their summary (6). Its projection back into the apparently phenomenal world is therefore unusual. Herein then consists the reality of the operations and effects of ceremonial magic’ De Laurence-The Lesser Key of Solomon-GOETIA.

Magick is the process that brings your dreams & desires into the physical realm.  Everything begins as an idea so the realization of a needed outcome is the first step.  Next you need to create a plan of action.  This is the practical steps you’ll take from studying correspondences, writing & performing your ritual to whatever is needed to making it possible in your life.  How ridiculous would it be to work a ritual for needed money but not look for work or accept overtime opportunities when presented to you.   You also need to focus your energy and intent then let it go.  Once your outcome is a reality we call this metaphysical manifestation or ‘proof’ if you will.

I personally believe that “a magician knows nothing can stand in their way so long as they still believe in themselves and their connection to the Divine.” Aeona


Elements and Elementals

There are 5 elements, first there is Spirit also called Aether, Ether or Akasha.  Then Air, Fire, Water,& Earth.  Elementals are conscious beings that dwell either in or near the particular element. There are also artificial elementals, those of which we create by breaking off or imbedding a small piece of our consciousness within captured or contained elemental energy.


The realm of spirit is said to be where our souls come from and is a part of us; as we a part of it. The quintessence, the combination of all the elements as they coalesce; impregnated by the Divine presence.  ~ In Eastern belief systems Wood is considered the elemental symbol of spirit.


The Air element governs mental thought, communication, the season Autumn and the air elementals called Sylphs are called from the East. The zodiac signs Aquarius, Gemini & Libra display air qualities in their character.  In Kabbalah it is attributed to the Yetziratic world.  ~ In Eastern belief systems Metal is considered the symbolic element of air.


The fire element governs energy, drive, heat & the season Summer. The Salamanders are the fire elementals, they became associated with the fire element because they crawl into logs and tree holes. When the piece of wood they were in began to burn; they would run out. People who witnessed this thought they came from the fires that consumed the wood. You call these beings from the South. You can see fire character in the Zodiac signs of Aries, Leo & Sagittarius.  In Kabbalah it is attributed to the Atziluthic world.


The water element governs things that pertain to emotions, psychicness and the season Spring. The elementals are called Undines and are called from the West. Pisces, Cancers & Scorpios are all emotional creatures with fine psychic reception.  The world of Briyah in Kabbalistic lore.


The earth element governs the material/physical matters and the season Winter. Gnomes reside in the earth element and are called from the North. Down to earth people are found in these earth signs; Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo. Vivianne Crowley from her book ‘Wicca’ writes “energy in it’s densest & slowest form, where molecules are locked together to form solid shapes, is Earth.” In Kabbalah, the world of Assiah.


Ann Moura (Aoumiel) ‘Green Witchcraft II’ writes “Earth-flesh & bone, Water-water & blood, Fire-heat & energy, Air-thought & breathe.”

Donald M. Craig in ‘MODERN MAGICK~ Eleven Lessons’ translates from the Sefer Yetzirah “The Spirit of God, Air emanated from Spirit, Water emanated from Air, Part of the Water became Earth, Fire emanated from Water.”


First, The bodies

The one we all know and abuse; the dense physical body composed of tissues and cells. This body is for maintenance.

The subtle body or astral body, what we use as a vehicle for mental expression and escape at night. This is the “I” you most commonly speak of.

Life force body, a term that I disagree with. I prefer to call it the higher self, that which survives physical death. This body connects the two previously mentioned bodies. This is also the upper three sephirah.

Nadis & Marma points

Nadis are force channels which channel energy from one body to the other. Specifically to the marma points, which corresponds to parts of the body where multiple biological systems meet. IE. nerves & blood vessels, tendons & muscles. There are 3 major centers; the head, heart & bladder. There are also 3 large Nadis.


The word chakra is sanskrit meaning ‘wheel‘. I’ve read that it also means ‘wheels of fire‘. There are 7 major chakras, a few minor ones in the hands and feet. The chakras generate or pull energy in, the energy would then travel the nadis to the marma points. Chakras respond to emotions as well as exudes or vibrates at the same rate as certain colors. ( colors are different wave lengths in the electro magnet spectrum, within white light. Thus color is energy.) Chakras are also referred to as ‘Lotus’s‘; that’s what yogis say that they appear to look like. When the chakra opens so does the lotus petals. The 7 major chakras are as follows…….

MULADHARA~~~the 4 petaled lotus/Earth/yellow/ located between the genitals and the anus. (occult color=red)

SVADISTHANA~~~the 6 petaled lotus/Water/white/ lies in the sacral region. {below belly button} (occult color=orange)

MANIPURA~~~the 10 petaled lotus/Fire/red/ located in the solar plexus. (occult color=yellow)

ANAHATA~~~the 12 petaled lotus/Air/grey/ located in the spine at the heart level. (occult color=green)

VISHUDDHA~~~the 16 petaled lotus / Ether /blue/ located in the neck. (occult color=blue)

AJNA~~~the 2 petaled lotus/snow white/ located in the forehead, where the third eye is. (occult color=purple)

SAHASRARA~~~the 1,000 petaled lotus/ also known as the crown chakra. (occult color=white)

Opening & Closing Chakras

I have read about 2 ways to open chakras that seem to contradict one another; but what works for one may not work for another. First one; while visualizing….pull etheric energy up and into yourself through your base chakra. Continue pulling until the chakra is filled or charged and opened or spinning, continue pulling energy up to the next chakra. Keep pulling in the energy until the sacral chakra is opened. Continue until all chakras are opened. The Crown chakra should always be opened, if it isn’t then open it as well. The other way is from Denning & Phillips ‘Guide to Astral Traveling’ which is the opposite direction. Pull etheric energy in through your Crown chakra and down to the next. Incidentally I have read in numerous books that the base chakra should never be completely closed.

To Close chakras…simply eat.

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