Talismans 2


Talismans & Sigils II 

YHVH & the Universe


The 3 mother letters, Aleph representing Air, Mem representing water
& Shin representing fire are at the points of the triangle.  YHVH is in
the center of the triangle arranged in the Tetractys of Pythagoras, equaling
10.  The inner circle contains the 7 Hebrew letters that represent the 7
planets.  The outer circle contains the 12 double Hebrew letters that
represent the 12 zodiacal signs.



The Name of God from The Bible in Sefardi Hand, 1385
Original in the British Library, London



Calvary Cross of Twelve & Ten Squares

Admission badges used in initiatic rites of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn



Sigil De Aemeth







 Schem Ha-Mephoresch





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