Deities of the Americas

Deities from the pantheons of cultures spanning the Americas.

Aztecan & Toltecan

Chimalipan/Chimalman = Virgin mother of Huitzilopochtli.
Cihuacoatl = ‘serpent mother’, Mother of the Human race who always bore twins.
Chicomecoatl = also called Chalciucihuat, Goddess of food & drink.
Ixcoauhqui = The yellow faced one, fire God.
Xiuhtecutli = Lord of Fire.
Huehueteotl = the Ancient God.
Cuealtzin / Cuezalotl (flame).
Mixcoatl = The Cloud Serpent, Father of Quetzalcoatl.

The Five Suns= The Suns were eras of time. The first was ruled by the God of the North, Tezcatlipoca; personified by a tiger. The tiger was consumed by the other beasts at the end the first era. Second era was ruled by the God of the West, Quetzalcoatl. The second era was ended by hurricanes. Tlaloc ruled the third era, as God of the South. Ending the third era with a shower of fire. Goddess of the East, Chalchihuitlicue, the Goddess of Water ended the fourth era by turning men into fish and flooding the Earth. The Fifth is believed to be present time, which is ruled by Xiuhtecuhtli, the Fire God. This era is supposed to end in earthquakes.
Quetzalcoatl = The Green Feathered Serpent, Aztecan creator God. He is one of the four Suns, he created mankind by his own blood. Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca split the monster, Tlaltecuhtli in half; forming Heaven & Earth.

Tezcatlipoca = (Fiery Mirror).
Teleoinan = the Mother of the Gods, “Toi”, our Mother (maternal ancestor), and also by another name which signified “the Heart of the Earth,”.
Tlaloc = Aztecan rain God. He presides over Ilhuicatl Xoxouhcan (blue heaven) the 8th of the 13 heavens. He also ruled over a tropical paradise with waterfalls, butterflies and flowers. Natural rubber was burned as an incense to please the God, he enjoyed the smell and the dark smoke reminded him of storm clouds. Legend has it that in his temple he kept 4 bowls of different rain waters, morning showers, midday rain, evening rain & dark hail. Unfortunately, it is written that he too like so many of the Aztecan Gods required/requested human sacrifice.

Uixtochihuatl = Goddess of Salt or salt makers, sister of rain Gods, sacrifices were offered at the pyramid of Tlaloc. A member of the Tlaloc complex. Alternate spelling Huixtocihuatl (lady of Huixtotin).
Xilonen = Goddess of every seed and vegetable, called “Lady of the Emerald”.
Xiuhcoatl = Lightning serpent.


Ahau Kin = Mayan Sun/Creator God who later became associated with Judgement Day where evil people would be punished in a pre-creation hell.
Bacabs = Four Jaguar Gods who hold up the sky. They stand at the four directions with Hobnil, the eastern jaguar being red, Can Tzicnal of the north is white. Zac Cimi,the western jaguar is black and Hozanek in the south is yellow. In the Codex Dresden they each carry the image of the God to rule the next year on their backs.
Ek Chuah = War God whom is fierce but also a patron deity of door to door solicitors (That’s appropriate!)

Native American Deities
Ani’-Hy’tkwl’sk = Cherokee, Gods of Thunder.
Amotken = Selish tribe creator God, he created the heaven, Earth and underworld which are all supported by a post. He is old, wise and kind. He watches over humans.
Asgaya Gigagei = Cherokee Thunder God, he is now associated with healing.
Ataensic = First ancestor of the Iroquios & Huron peoples, she was from the sky people. She died while delivering her twin sons; Hahgwehdiyu & Hahgwehdaetgah.
Hahgwehdiyu used her body to create the Earth.  Ataensic is both Sky Woman & Mother Earth.
Awonawilona = Creator god of the Zuni, is both male & female, Father Sky & Mother Earth arose from the streams & mists that came from Awonawilonas body. Mother Earth had four wombs containing the Earths creatures.
Coyote= trickster spirit, Maidu people believed that Wonomi Coyote created humans, but grew bored with them and created sickness, sorrow and death to make things more interesting but Wonomis son was the first to die being bitten by Coyotes friend the Rattlesnake.
Kachina = ancestor spirits of the Pueblo Indians.
Kumush = creator God of the Modoc people of N.California.
Iyatiku = Corn Goddess of the Keresan Pueblos.
Maheo = Supreme God of the Cheyenne of the Plains.
Napi = creator God of the Blackfoot of the Plains. He was later replaced by Natos, the Sun God. In some myths Napi is a malevolent spirit.
Natos = Blackfoot Sun God whose wife is Kokomikeis, the Moon Goddess.
Tirawa = Supreme god of the Plains Pawnee. Who directed the Sun & Moon, helped them to create mankind.
Wakonda = Plains Sioux god off all power and wisdom.
Yolkai Estan = Navajo Sea Goddess, ‘white shell woman’.

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