Water Deities

Deities attributed to or said to have dominion over the Water element and bodies of Water.

Water Deities

(Artic) Kul

(Inuit) Sedna is a female sea spirit of the Inuit people, as a beautiful maiden she married a storm petrel who lied about his intentions, Sedna tried to flee in a boat with her father but the bird raised a violent storm. Her father threw her overboard but she held onto the side of the boat. Her father cut off her fingers joint by joint. Each of her joints became the creatures of the Sea. Sedna sank to the bottom where she rules the land of the dead. She is supposed to be hideous and terrifying. Another story suggests that she was born to gigantic parents and she was a terrible child who ate flesh, she is even supposed to have attempted to eat her parents as they slept.  They caught her and took her out to the sea and clung to the side of the boat when they tried to cast her in the water and like previously told, her father cut off her fingers and they became the creatures of the sea.  She is known as mother to the oceanic creatures.  

(Japanese) Mi-Wi-No-Kami, Saku-Wi-No-Kami & Tsungaga-Wi-No-Kami

(Japanese) Taka Okami No Kami is Shinto Rain God, “God of the dividing of the waters”.

(Navajo) Yolkai Estan, Navajo Sea & fertility Goddess, she was called ‘white shell woman’ or ‘white bead woman’ because it was believed she was created from white shells.

(Sumerian & Babylonian) Tiamat & Apsu

(Finland) Ahti or Ahto, heroic god of the depths and fish. (Ahti Saarelainen). Vellamo, the wife of Ahti, goddess of the sea, lakes and storms.
(Finland) Iku-Turso, a malevolent sea monster
(Finland) Vedenemo, is a goddess of water. She was sometimes depicted as a mermaid. Also known as Vete-ema among the Estonians and Veen emo among the Finns.

 (Aztec) Tlaloc, Aztecan rain God. He presides over Ilhuicatl Xoxouhcan (blue heaven) the 8th of the 13 heavens. He also ruled over a tropical paradise with waterfalls, butterflies and flowers. Natural rubber was burned as an incense to please the God, he enjoyed the smell and the dark smoke reminded him of storm clouds. Legend has it that in his temple he kept 4 bowls of different rain waters, morning showers, midday rain, evening rain & dark hail. Unfortunately, it is written that he too like so many of the Aztecan Gods required/requested human sacrifice.

 (Phillipines) Aman Sinaya, primordial ocean goddess.

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