Alphabets Used In Magic Alphabets and cyphers used in western magical traditions for making talismans, amulets or journaling. Coptic Greek Ancient Egyptian Hebrew Ancient Aramaic (not to be confused with Assyrian Aramiac, called Nestorian, developed out of Estrangela Aramaic) Nabataean Aramaic (later version that evolved into Arabic) Theban by Honorious; aka “The Witches Alphabet” or… Read More Alphabets_used_in_Magick

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Evil Eye

Evil Eye, Malochia or Mal de Ojo What is the Evil Eye? What is the Evil Eye? Evil Eye is a curse both purposefully or accidentally cast. Historically, it’s believed the affliction can lead to misfortune, disaster, physical illness and even death. Typically it’s assumed that someone willfully puts this curse on someone but it’s most… Read More Evil Eye

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Middle Pillar

I wanted to share how I do a Middle Pillar not only because of it’s sheer importance but because it’s one of my favorite practices.  The Middle Pillar exercise precedes most ceremonial practices in the Western Hermetical traditions.  I also read in one of Israel Regardie’s books that this rite will purify your aura but… Read More Middle Pillar

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Ancestral Altars

In the Western mystical tradition this is a new addition adapted from other cultures and traditions.  Vaguely similar to a “memory shelf” or “family wall of pictures” some people have in their homes. In Mexico, they make Ofrendas, Calaveras and other sweets in the shape of bones or graves to celebrate and honor the dead.… Read More Ancestral Altars

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Water from Guodian Text

Made Water” (太一生水) This cosmogenical text was found in the bamboo slips of Guodian, the earliest known version of the Daodejing. It’s similar to the opening of ch 42 (“the way made one, one made two, two made three, three made the myriad beings”), although slightly different in that each element goes back and interacts… Read More Water from Guodian Text