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Colors in Magic

Colors in Magick

Energy, strength, passion, vigor, fire, power, life’s blood, fastest vibrations, Red is the first color to be noticed.
primal creative force, affects the circulatory system and the reproductive organs. 1st chakra.

Omnipotence, actinic, high frequency, penetrates all planes quickly, promotes speedy action, spiritual healing.

Sun, warmth, creativity, enthusiasm, emotions, stirs the mind, courage, adaptability. Used for success, joy and socialness, fun.

optimism, happiness, cheerfulness, mental activity, new ideas, in auras denotes clairsentience, sudden changes, charming and persuasive.

Warm feeling of love, happy color, honor, gentleness, spiritual fulfillment, dispels gloom & negativity,

Psychic growth, sensitivity, divination and blessings.

Absence of color, enhances the lighter colors of the spectrum, impregnatable, mysterious, night, sleek, reflective, void, utility, universal.

Neutrality, good for meditation and contemplation, has been used for removing negative influences.

The Goddess or divine feminine, intuition and mental reflection, similar to color Grey, coins and money.

The balanced presence of all colors in one. Used for overcoming fears and doubts, emotional cleansing. Traditionally: purity, truth, cleanliness, protection, peace, virginity, innocence.

calming, stability, 5th chakra, emits slow waves, light blue helps you sleep and was traditionally used for a peaceful home. Azure=religious devotion, dark royal blue= honesty & loyalty, blue with yellow hues in auras denotes clairaudience. Jupiter influence. Blue can be subduing, moody and depressing.

Healing, Health, abundance, vibrancy, fertility, growth, regeneration, perseverance. Venus

dynamic spiritual energy, great fortune, dignity & honor, intuitive faculties

High frequency, actinic, royalty, wisdom, psychic manifestation & spiritual contact, spiritual power.

Saturn, promotes inertia, deep meditation, stills the mind. Traditionally used for stopping gossip, lies and competition.

earthiness, material plane, new growth (aura), industry & organization,

Days Color Attribution
Sunday: Gold, Orange, Yellow, White
Monday: Silver, Light Grey, White
Tuesday: Red, Orange
Wednesday: Violet, Opal, Iridescence, Medium Grey
Thursday: Blue, Indigo, Purple
Friday: Green, Aqua, Lime
Saturday: Black, Dark Grey, Indigo

Sephiroth Color Attribution(King Scale)
Kether: White
Chokmah: Grey
Binah: Black
Chesed: Blue
Geburah: Scarlet Red
Tiphareth: Gold
Netzach: Emerald Green
Hod: Orange
Yesod: Purple, Violet
Malkuth: Black, Brown, Citrine, Olive

Planet Color Attribution
Sun: Gold, Yellow
Moon: Silver, Lavender, Pearl White
Mercury: Pale Yellow, Orange , Violet, Multicolored
Mars: Red
Venus: Green, Pale Green, Light Blue, Pink
Jupiter: Blue, Purple
Saturn: Black, Indigo
Excerpt on colors from “The Magickal Household” by Scott Cunningham & David Harrington 1983 (below)
“green brings abundance, happiness, luck & prosperity to the home. blue signifies spiritual love, protection, beauty & truth. brown invokes earthiness, & sensual pleasure while white represents purity, joy and protection. red brings love and liberty. Combinations of red, blue & yellow guard against sickness & spells”
“white candles are generally burned during meditation and household purification rites, as well as to promote peace and tranquility. green tapers lend healing energies, luck and prosperity to the home, while pink increases loving feelings and is ideal for entertaining since it enhances friendships. Red candles lend protection & passion to those in our home as well as magically shoring up the homes physical structure. Yellow candles promote calm intellectual moods and are fine for studying or reading. Purple candles can be burned during times of illness or during household protection spells since purple speeds healing and is a source of extra power Blue candles are burned in the bed room at night for protection while asleep. they also induce prophetic dreams. burn brown candles to solve any other household problems and to protect pets.””
Excerpt from “Three Books on Occult Philosophy” by Henry Cornelius Agrippa of Nettesheim. (below)
“For all colours, black, lucid, earthy, leaden, brown, have relation to Saturn. Sapphire and airy colours , and those which are always green, clear, purple, darkish, golden, mixed with silver, belong to Jupiter. Red colours, and burning, fiery, flaming, violet, purple, bloody, and iron colours, resemble Mars. Golden, saffron, purple, and bright colours, resemble the sun. But all white, fair, curious, green, ruddy, betwixt saffron, and purple, resemble Venus, Mercury and the Moon.”

Ted Andrews “How To See And Read The Aura” 1991
“Three Books on Occult Philosophy” by Henry Cornelius Agrippa of Nettesheim. Llewellyn’s Sourcebook Series, Translated by James Freake, Edited and Annotated by Donald Tyson.
“The Magickal Household” by Scott Cunningham & David Harrington 1983
And of course, my own experiences…….

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