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Evil Eye

Evil Eye, Malochia or Mal de Ojo

What is the Evil Eye?

What is the Evil Eye? Evil Eye is a curse both purposefully or accidentally cast. Historically, it’s believed the affliction can lead to misfortune, disaster, physical illness and even death. Typically it’s assumed that someone willfully puts this curse on someone but it’s most likely the side affect of someone’s extreme envy. In Hispanic culture, which I’m most familiar, an evil eye is accidentally cast by uncontrolled malicious thoughts or envy. It is believed that making a compliment about something is drawing attention to that something and if the person making the comment just happened to think of something not so nice, they can inadvertently cause harm. To alleviate any chance of this happening they will touch the item immediately after the comment to break any possibility of casting a malochia. It is also called Ayin Hara (עין הרע) in Israel and Jettatura in Southern Italy.

Have you ever wondered, am I under the Evil Eye?

People often ask themselves this question when their lives seem out of control or they encounter a stream of unfortunate events. Or the now infamous contemplation, is Mercury in Retrograde? I’ll get back to this one in another post.  More often their circumstances are the result of their own actions they just fail to see the connections. Symptoms seem to vary a little by culture as well. Some common symptoms are sudden malaise, fatigue, cold or flu like symptoms with no immediate obvious cause. Having a hard time controlling your thoughts, memory or staying focused. Negative feelings or illogical fears surface suddenly. Then of course a run of bad luck that seems never ending.

Cleansing or Exorcising

The egg method involves taking an uncooked egg, praying to the Divine and asking to use the egg as a pure vessel to carry the negativity away from the body. Rubbing the intact egg over specific areas of the body if not the entire body and then disposing of the egg in a toilet or bucket of water without touching the yoke. Traditionally, you are supposed to crack the yoke in a bowl to see the extent of the evil absorbed but I feel this is just silly. Throw the damn thing away!.

There is a more intensive cleansing done by a practitioner of Santeria or a Brujo/Bruja, the ritual is called a Limpias. Be aware of scam artists too, their numbers are great and they prey on the weak. Always be wary of someone who has the one true way or technique for something.

Nazar, Evil Eye, Mal De Ojo, Malochia, Jettatura


Wearing a Nazar Boncuğu or Nazarlık, or Eye charm. It is believed the Eye of Horus also protects from the Evil Eye. Crossing your arms or legs if you suspect someone is in the midst of transmitting negative energy.
In Spain, it was customary to use keep a stags horn for warding and to wear a small horn tipped with silver and worn around the neck by means of braided horse hair. Of course it had to be from a black mare though. Other wards were the color black and the metal iron. In India, a type of knife made of iron called a billhook was placed in beds, especially for children and expectant mothers.
Putting a black mark on your cheek was also a ward against evil eye.

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