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So, you want to join an Order?

So, you want to join an Order?  *Why?*
This is the first thing you will be asked, so be prepared.

Not to scare you away but you will be undertaking a goal where you’re going to be examining yourself extensively through out your path so get used to tough questions.

A Mystery Tradition Order or ‘Occult Order’, is a group of individuals working on their inner selves within a specific Tradition. Hoping to better themselves mentally, emotionally & spiritually. These Orders or Schools are the very same groups of people that are sometimes called a ‘Secret Society’, ‘Mystery Schools’, ‘Western Mystery Tradition’ and the ‘Hermetic’ or ‘Esoteric’ Tradition.

Mystery and Secrecy, is entirely for protection of the knowledge & one’s self. How it pertains to knowledge is that some lessons are learned through personal revelations or experience, this can only happen when information is revealed in a specific order or at a certain time. Its like the delicate unwinding of a rose as it opens to bloom; to force it would destroy its petals, pistols & stamens. The other reason for secrecy is to protect members from prejudice and extremist actions carried out by the ignorant and those not yet enlightened.

There are several groups within each tradition but how do you know which is right for you?

1. Do not get bogged down by those who argue about ‘lineage’. If you are worrying about that then you are in it for the wrong reasons. I refuse to get into the whole ‘which one is the true Order/has lineage’ shenanigans. Again, if this is what you worry about then perhaps you better take a better look at your reasons for joining. Any and All can work on accomplishing “the great work”, it’s not solely for a chosen few but it is only a chosen few who may actually accomplish it.

2. You should feel ‘comfortable’ with your temple members. Understand that although it is a hierarchical tradition that doesn’t give members above you the right to be rude or bossy. Handle their behavior the way you would a co-worker or friend. If that doesn’t work then talk with your Temple chiefs. If that fails then perhaps that Temple is not right for you.

3. If there are application fees just to turn in an application, something is wrong here.

4. It is my opinion that any Order that requests/expects large sums of money are in it for the money and nothing else. I came across one Rosicrucian group years ago that wanted a thousand dollars. They may be trying to keep the ‘riff raff’ out by making it so only the ‘well to do’ can afford to join. However, this too is an indicator that they are missing the point or are just after personal gain.

When you are truly working for divine reasons; you don’t try to profit. That simply isn’t as important as the Great Work. Reap spiritual rewards not financial.

If you’re thinking of joining an Order and have any questions, feel free to email me.

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