A Tale of Two Golden Dawns

For over a hundred years there has been a fraternal society that studies metaphysics and the paranormal. This group was originally called the Esoteric or Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, founded in 1887 by three Masons; William Wynn Westcott, William Robert Woodman and Samuel Liddell Mathers.

There is a political party in Greece called Chrysi Avgi that was founded 34 years ago. In Greek Chrysi Avgi, translates as ‘Golden Dawn’ in English. The party from what I read about has views on race and nationalism that venture into extremes.

The irony here is that whilst the media unintentionally caused confusion about the two groups, the groups couldn’t be more different and opposite in every way.

I only have experience with one of the two and from what I read about the political group I can whole heartedly say, no one practicing the traditions of the metaphysical Golden Dawn would have interests in what that political party represents or offers. The fraternal society was founded by Freemasons and like the Masons they strive to be better people through enlightened & intellectual means. There is no room for close minded nationalism or hate. The soul is not bound by things like government, nation or race.

Symbols and sigils used by the metaphysical group as an identifier are the Cross and Triangle and the Rose Cross.

Golden Dawn Cross Triangle

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