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Middle Pillar

I wanted to share how I do a Middle Pillar not only because of it’s sheer importance but because it’s one of my favorite practices.  The Middle Pillar exercise precedes most ceremonial practices in the Western Hermetical traditions.  I also read in one of Israel Regardie’s books that this rite will purify your aura but… Read More Middle Pillar

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What is Magick

Many have asked what exactly is Magic (magick), what does it do? Some even ask how can they perform magick and if it conflicts with their lifestyle – such as religion.
Magick itself is an early modern English term, where the spelling was changed to differentiate itself from “stage magic.”
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Pantheons of African, Carribbean, Artic, Baltic, Slavic, Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Phoenician, Sumerian and Tibetan cultures.  In addition, Aztecan & Mayan included in the Type section.

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Colors in Magic

Colors in Magick ~Red~ Energy, strength, passion, vigor, fire, power, life’s blood, fastest vibrations, Red is the first color to be noticed. primal creative force, affects the circulatory system and the reproductive organs. 1st chakra. ~Magenta~ Omnipotence, actinic, high frequency, penetrates all planes quickly, promotes speedy action, spiritual healing. ~Orange~ Sun, warmth, creativity, enthusiasm, emotions,… Read More Colors in Magic