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Middle Pillar

I wanted to share how I do a Middle Pillar not only because of it’s sheer importance but because it’s one of my favorite practices.  The Middle Pillar exercise precedes most ceremonial practices in the Western Hermetical traditions.  I also read in one of Israel Regardie’s books that this rite will purify your aura but I can’t recall which book.  There are many variations of this rite online, in many different languages as well.  This rite is absolutely indispensible to any magical or meditative practice as you will learn once the mysteries have begun to unfold for you.


Begin with a Kabbalistic Cross.  Touch your foreward and vibrate, “Atah”, point towards your feet and intone “Malkuth”, bring your hand up to your right shoulder and vibrate “Ve’Geburah”, next move your hand to your left shoulder and vibrate “Ve’Gedulah”

Visualize a brilliant and scintillating ball of warm light with cool white sparkles just above your head. Vibrate the Divine name Eheieh (AHYH) and as you do imagine the light descend to touch your head.  

I like to visualize the Divine name on Hebrew, appearing as I intone each syllable.  For instance, as I’m vibrating “Eh”, I see the Aleph in brilliant white, then the next letter Heh, pronounced “hey” I see appearing to the left of the Aleph. It appears to the left because I’m aware that Hebrew is written right to left. The final syllable sounds like “yay”; I visualize the Yud and final Heh. I used to rush through but learned to cool my heels, pause for a moment to feel the energy as it activates the sephirotic sphere.  Just taking time to be in the moment and not focused on other thoughts really helps the overall experience.


Next I see the light travel to my neck and once it reaches this area I start to vibrate the Divine name YHVH Elohim (YHVH Alhym), I sense the light growing to a sphere.  Using the same technique as mentioned above I also visualize the name.  After pausing for a moment to feel this energy has been circulated well, I focus on it moving towards my solar plexus and forming a sphere of brilliant white light there as well.  Vibrating the name YHVH Eloah V’Daath (YHVH AL VDaaTh) and visualizing it scintilate in the light.  I imagine my entire solar plexus filled with light.


As I’m breathing I imagine the light flowing in a downward motion when I exhale and an upward motion when I inhale.


I send the light to my groin area and visualize a sphere of light vibrantly growing. I vibrate the Divine name Shaddai El Chai (ShDY AL Chy) and visualize it in Hebrew as well.  Breathing in slowly and taking a moment to accumulate the energy before moving to the last sphere. Once I feel it’s time, I move the light to my feet and form the sphere of light to encompass my feet and anchor the energy to the ground below me.  I vibrate the Divine name of Malkuth, which is Adonai Ha Aretz( ADNY HaRTz) and visualize the name in beautiful white light.


I let the light collect for a moment before I begin what is called the spiral or shower of light.  Imagining the light descend further each time I exhale and ascending with every inhalation.  I let the light reach the top of my head, then I let it descend the side of my body until it reaches my feet then I bring it back to my head from the other side.  I do this for the sides, then the front & back of my body before I let it fan out or create a shower of light all around me.  

I close with a Qabbalistic cross.


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