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Pantheons of African, Carribbean, Artic, Baltic, Slavic, Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Phoenician, Sumerian and Tibetan cultures.  In addition, Aztecan & Mayan included in the Type section.

African & Caribbean
//gangwa= Dobe-Ju/’hoansi people of Africa,
creator God.

Orunmila= Yoruban Deity of Divination or of Destiny, divination being called Ifa. Ifa is like casting runes only they use carved palm nuts. He was with Olodumare, when he created the world and decided the destinies of all mankind. Personal shrines usually include ivory, sea shells & palm nuts.

Osanyin= Yoruban Deity who named all the plants, also consulted in Ifa because he knows the healing properties of every plant.

The Artic & Baltic
Sedna= female sea spirit of the Inuit people, as a beautiful maiden she married a storm petrel who lied about his intentions, Sedna tried to flee in a boat with her father but the bird raised a violent storm. Her father threw her overboard but she held onto the side of the boat. Her father cut off her fingers joint by joint. Each of her joints became the creatures of the Sea. Sedna sank to the bottom where she rules the land of the dead. She is supposed to be hideous and terrifying. Another story suggests that she was born to gigantic parents and she was a terrible child who ate flesh, she is even supposed to of attempted to eat her parents as they slept. They caught her and took her out to the sea and clung to the side of the boat when they tried to cast her in the water and like previously told, her father cut off her fingers and they became the creatures of the sea. She is known as mother to the oceanic creatures.

Ilmater= Finnish creator Goddess who floated alone on the Ocean. An eagle laid 7 eggs in her lap, excited Ilmater dropped the eggs and they broke open upon the water. The eggshells became the Earth, yolks the sun, and whites the moon and stars.

Sila= Inuit air spirit

Tarqeq= Inuit moon spirit, also called Igaluk He is a hunter who controls the animals & watches over humans.

Brown Bear= Siberian Lord of the Forests

Mammoth= Siberian spirit who helped create the Earth and now is Master of the underworld.

Ajysyt= Mother Goddess of Yakut people of Siberia. She writes our fate in a golden book and brings souls to the Earth for birth

Buga= God of Tungus people of Siberia who made the first two people.

Ulgan= Creator of the world, Lord of the living

Erlik= helped Ulgan create the world, spirit of evil in Siberian & Lapp myths, Lord of the dead.

Jumala= Finnish God who made the world, ruled the sky.

Ukko= became Finnish supreme God replacing Jumala.

Kul= Artic water spirit who is seen as both good/evil, helps northern peoples fish.

Pinga= All powerful Inuit Goddess, benevolent, helps shamans, protects all living creatures & controls the hunt, more beloved than Tarqeq

Dievs= Supreme Creator God of Latvia, who was thought of as a wise advisor who participated in Human affairs. (Think Zeus)

Mara/Marsava= Latvian Mother Earth Goddess who gave life as well as ending it. The Earth, waters and all living creatures were under her care. a.k.a. Moschel a diety of cattle.

Laima= Latvian Trinity Goddess of Fate, this is where the Latvian word for luck/laime comes from. Laima was flexible it is her judgment that can not be swayed. Also Lithuanian.

Karta= Latvian Trinity Goddess of Fate, lesser known deity than her sisters, Laima & Dekla.

Dekla/Daekla= Latvian Trinity Goddess of Fate, works with Laima, lesser known than Laima.

Dieva Deli= sons of Dievs, who are the suitors of the Saules Mietas.

Auseklis= God of the dawn, (who may actually be the star Venus), who is connected with the moon deity, Meness who notices his disappearance while counting the stars.

Aurinė= Lithuanian Goddess of the Dawn

Saule= Sun Goddess of Latvia, cares for all unfortunate people. She rides a chariot by day and a boat at night, mother of Saules mietas. Also Lithuanian

Saules Mietas= daughters of the Sun.

Perkons= Latvian God of Thunder. Perkūnas= Lithuanian Thunderer

Jumis= God of Eternal Life in Latvia
For more on Latvian paganism see Dievturiba, which is what their pagan revival is called in their neck of the woods. Lithuanian revival of the old religion is called Romuva

Aitvaras= Lithuanian house spirit.

Kukovaitis= Lithuanian lesser deity of forests & waters

Šventaragis= Lithuanian lesser deity of forests & waters

Jagaubis= Lithuanian Fire God

Assyrian & Babylonian
Anu =Supreme Babylon god of the sky
Ashur= Assyrian god of war and husband of Ishtar
Ea (Enki)= Sumerian and Babylonian god of wisdom
Enlil= Sumerian and Babylonian god of air.
Ereshkigal= Babylonian goddess of the underworld
Hadad=Assyrian god of storms and floods, son of Anu
Ishtar= Babylonian goddess of love and war
Marduk= Babylonian god who killed Tiamat (see below) and created the Earth form her remains.
Nabu= Babylonian god of wisdom, son of Marduk

Nergal= Babylonian god of war, was evil in nature. Brought war to humans to increase the numbers of his new kingdom the underworld, which he became lord over when he married Ereshkigal

Tammuz= Babylonian god of plants

Tiamat & Apsu= First beings. Apsu was an abyss and the guardian of fresh water. Tiamat was the ‘monster’ of chaos and represented salt water.

Anubis= Mortuary/Funerary God, guardian of the dead, depicted as a jackal

Wepwawet= God of passage, also depicted as a jackal. He assists the dead to the after life and also opens the way to the womb. His ‘adze’ is used to break open the mouth of the dead.

Djeheuty= Greek name of Thoth, Moon god and god of wisdom. He has the head of an ibis, holding a scribal palette and reed pen. He is the patron of scribes and inventor of writing.

Osiris= God of the underworld, fertility, rain & grain. Husband of Isis.

Isis= protector Goddess of children & magic. Called by the Romans “Stella Maris” (Star of the Sea), the Virgin Mary was also known as Stella Maris.

Serkhet/Serket= “She who causes the throat to breath”. A scorpion Goddess who is called up on to prevent such stings.

Sekhmet/Sakhmet= Her name means “the Mighty One” who was a Goddess of war and a healer of the same injuries inflicted by war

Bast = Lion headed war Goddess, who was protector of the pharoh but later personified as a cat headed and protector of cats and home.


Mentu/Menthu= a god of war. He was depicted as being a man with a hawk’s head.

Ptah= Creator God of Memphis and of craftsmen. He is mentioned on the Shabaka Stone. It is believed Ptah created men from base metals. He became equated with the Greek God Hephaistos in later times. “He is depicted as a mummified man with only his hands free to grasp a scepter composed of the symbols of life (ankh), power (was), and stability (djed). ” Another author suggests he is wearing a tightly fitted robe. Ptah would be syncretized with Ptah-Sokar-Atum & later with Ptah-Sokar-Osiris. Ptah was known as a bisexual entity, masculine as Ptah-Nun and feminine as Ptah-Naunet. he is also known as Khery-bakef “He who is under his tree” (Moringa Tree) which may mean that he was syncretized with an earlier tree God at Memphis. He is the husband of Sakhmet.

Deities of the Americas, information on deities from Incan culture to Native American.

Shinto/Japanese (‘Kami’ is used for all sacred, awe inspiring objects- “Oni” are demons)
Most of the Shinto deities are still worshipped today.  More information of specific Deities.

Anat= Phoenician fertility Goddess and the sister of Baal, the storm God
Astarte= Phoenician mother goddess, who is the planet Venus or dwells there.
El= Supreme and all knowing god of the Phoenicians
El Elyon
El Olam
El Sadday/Shaddai (Hebrew)
El Betel
Baal= God of Storms, son of El
Mot= Phoenician god of death

Babayaga= Slavic witch who has power over animals & birds, day & night. It is believed she guards the gate to the ‘other world’
Dazhbog= Slavic Sun God
Mokos= Pre-Christian Fertility Goddess, Midwifery. Later personified as the Virgin Mary. Also Mokosh or Makosh.
Perun/Perunu= Bohemian Creator God, God of Thunder, lightning & rain.
Rod= Eastern Slav’s Fertility God.
Rusalka= Water spirits like the Sirens in Greek legend, they lure men into danger. Also called Vila to the Southern Slavs.
Svarog= Supreme Slavic God. Father of the Sun God, Dazhbog and the Fire God, Svarozhich
Svarozhich= Slavic God of Fire
Honidlo= Bohemian god of herdsmen

An =Sumerian sky god, had influence over the Kings and laws
Ea (Enki)= Sumerian and Babylonian god of wisdom
Enlil= Sumerian and Babylonian god of air.
Inanna= goddess of love and war
Ningal= Mother of Shamash
Ninurta= war god and son of Enlil
Shamash= god of the sun and justice
Sin= Sumerian Moon God. Son of Enlil and father of Shamash.
Tiamat & Apsu= First beings. Apsu was an abyss and the guardian of fresh water. Tiamat was the “monster” of chaos and represented salt water.

Tibetan & Buddhist
Syamatara= form of the Goddess Tara
Avalokiteshvara= Bodhisattva of compassion and insight
Takkiraja= a Dikapala, means ‘Guardian’. Guardian of the SE quarter. Color is Blue, Attributes are a blue staff, jewel, Lotus Staff (not sure if there is any correlation with the Golden Dawn’s Lotus Wand), sword & trident.
Niladanda (SW)
Mahabala (NW)
Acala (NE),
Yamantaka (E)
Prajnantaka (N)
Padmantaka (W)
Amrtakundalin (S)
Usnisacakravartin (zenith, here, in the western gate)
Sumbharaja (nadir, here, in the eastern gate)
Dikpalas are rumored to be four-armed, three-faced and embracing their consorts.

By Type
Primordial Deities
(Japanese, Shinto) Taka-Mi-Musubi-No-Kami,
(Sumerian & Babylonian) Tiamat & Apsu

Solar Deities
(Incan) Inti
(Mayan) Ahau Kin
(Native American, Blackfoot) Natos
(Slavic) Dahzbog
(Sumerian) Shamash

Lunar Deities
(Egyptian) Thoth
(Incan) Mama Quillya
(Inuit) Tarqeq or Igaluk
(Native American, Blackfoot) Kokomikeis
(Sumerian) Sin

Creator Deities
(Africa) Dobe-Ju/’hoansi people=//gangwa
(Aztecan) Quetzalcoatl
(Babylonian) Marduk
(Finnish) Ilmater & Jumala
(Inuit) Sedna, Mammoth
(Mayan) Ahau Kin
(Native American, Selish) Amotken
(Iroquois & Huron) Ataensic
(Maidu) Coyote
(Modoc) Kumush
(Zuni) Awonawilona
(Blackfoot) Napi
(Siberian, Yakut people)= Ajysyt
(Siberian, Tungus people)= Buga
(Siberian) Ulgan
(Siberian, Lapp people) Erlik
(Slavic) Perunu
Earth/Mountain Deities
(Iroquois & Huron) Ataensic
(Zuni) Awonawilona
Sky/Air Deities
(Aztecan) Mixcoatl
(Babylonian) Anu, Enlil
(Inuit) Sila
(Iroquois & Huron) Ataensic
(Finnish) Jumala
(Mayan) Bacabs
(Sumerian) An,Enlil
(Zuni) Awonawilona

Death/Underworld/Chthonic Deities type
(Africa) Dobe-Ju/’hoansi= //gangwasi (ghosts of the dead)
(Egyptian) Anubis aka Yinepu, Anpu & Osiris
(Phoenician) Mot
(Slavic) Babayaga
(Sumerian & Babylonian) Ereshkigal
Fertility/Love Deities
(Babylonian) Ishtar
(Slavic) Mokos, Mokosh, Rod
(Sumerian) Inanna

Fertility/Agriculture Deities
(Babylonian) Tammuz
(Egyptian) Osiris
(Phoenician) Anat

War Deities
(Assyrian) Ashur
(Babylonian) Ishtar & Nergal
(Mayan) Ek Chuah
(Sumerian) Inanna & Ninurta

Evil Deities
(Siberian) Erlik

Hunting/Fishing Deities
Water Deities
(Artic) Kul
(Inuit) Sedna
(Japanese) Mi-Wi-No-Kami, Saku-Wi-No-Kami & Tsungaga-Wi-No-Kami
(Navajo) Yolkai Estan
(Sumerian & Babylonian) Tiamat & Apsu

Weather/Storms Deities
(Assyrian) Hadad
(Aztecan) Tlaloc, rain God
(Egyptian) Osiris
(Japanese, Shinto) Taka-Okami-No-Kami
(Mesopotamia) BAAL also called ‘Baal Samin’, ‘Baal Malage’, ‘Baal Sapon’, later identified with the fertility of vegetation
(Native American, Cherokee) Asgaya Gigagei

Animal Deities
Health/Medicine Deities
(Native American, Cherokee) Asgaya Gigagei

Supreme or All Powerful
(Cheyenne) Maheo
(Finnish) Ukko
(Inuit) Pinga
(Pawnee) Tirawa
(Phoenician) El
(Sioux) Wakonda {all wisdom too}
(Slavic) Svarog
Minor/Mundane Deities
(Mayan) Ek Chuah =patron of door to door merchants, traveling salesman

Magic/Wisdom Deities
(Babylonian) Nabu
(Egyptian) Heka, Isis & Thoth
(Sumerian and Babylonian) Ea (Enki)

The Directions type
(Aztecan) Tezcatlipoca
(Mayan) Can Tzicnal
(Hebrew Angel) Auryal/Auriel
(Aztecan) Tlaloc
(Mayan) Hozanek
(Hebrew Angel) Mykal/Michael
(Aztecan) Quetzalcoatl
(Mayan) Zac Cimi
(Hebrew Angel) Gbryal/Gabriel
(Aztecan) Chalchihuitlicue
(Mayan) Hobnil
(Hebrew Angel) Rpal/Raphael
Aztecan & Toltecan
Assyrian & Babylonian
African & Caribbean
Tibetan & Buddhist
Native American

Fire Deities
(Slavic) Svarozhich /Svarozic
(Zoroastrian) Ahura Mazda
(Hindu) Agni
Chu Jung
(Greek) Hestia
(Navajo) Hastsezini
(Greek) Hephaistos/Hephaestus
(Greek) Prometheus
(Japan/Shinto) Hi-No-Kagu-Tsuchi
(Japan/Shinto) Ho-No-Kagu-Tsuchi-No Kami
(Japan/Shinto) Ho-Museibi-No-Kami
(Japan/Shinto) Kagu-Tsuchi-No-Kami
(Aztecan) Inta
(Babylonian/Akkadian) Isum
(Aztecan) Ixcoçauhqui icuic
Cuezalotl (flame)
(Lithuanian) Jagaubis

Teteo Innan Teteo
(Roman) Vulcanus
(Greco-Roman) Nemesis, in her rage
(Celtic) Cuchulain
(Celtic) Maeve
(Celtic) Scathatch
(Celtic) Morrigan
(Egyptian) Nusku
(Egyptian) Sekhet/Sekhmet
(Egyptian) Bast
(Egyptian) Heru-Behutet
(Egyptian) Mont/Menthu
(Egyptian) Ptah

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