Elements, Mythology

Air Deities

Deities attributed to or said to have dominion over Air, Sky, Winds & Storms. Also including Air as a philosophically Hermetic element.

Sila= Inuit air spirit

Enlil= Sumerian and Babylonian god of air.

Kadaklan = a storm and lightning god from Luzon, the northern mountainous region of the Philippines. Lives in the sky with his dog Kimat.
Stories say that a ceremony takes place whenever lightning strikes a house or tree.

Lihangin = God of the Wind from the Vasaya region of the Philippines. He is seen as a nobleman who rides the clouds or is carried by the wind.
He is married to Lidagat, the Goddess of the Sea.

Dagoda = benevolent Slavic God of wind and air.

Aeolus = Greek God of the winds and voice.

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