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Spirit Element

Attributes, qualities and correspondences of the element of Spirit.

Spirit like Fire is raw energy.  Fire only takes form when matter is being consumed by it or by heat which exists when energy is spent.  In a way you can see fire active in water when it’s moving and not a block of ice which would be a complete absence of heat. Spirit is your life force, freely it is pure and guides you through life, blocked and excessively inhibited it becomes demonic and holds you back or just breaks free and if you are not ready the experience is not perceived as a pleasurable one.  In a nutshell, if you repress it, it will return the favor. It is not meant for cages no more than you or I are, nor any animal for that matter. The belief that it can be imprisoned or hidden is an illusion created by the human conscious mind.

The Spirit corresponds to the Altar with all the other Elemental symbols present.  Any vow or obligation that one solemnly accepts could also be attributed to Spirit.
Some of the correspondences to Spirit are Eth and the Shin in the name YHSVH and the Shin in general. The color white because it contains within it all the colors of the electromagnetic spectrum just as Divinity contains within it all the elements. The number 5 and breathe are also spirit correspondences. The Tablet of Union which unifies the Elemental Enochian tablets is a spiritual correspondence.

Two deities that correspond with Spirit are Osiris and Innana. They both arose from death, Osiris was literally taken apart by Seth and scattered before being resurrected, Innana was symbolically taken apart by being stripped of her garments while in the underworld. In some stories, Innana herself is killed and then resurrected, in others she went before her sister Ereshkigal on behalf of another deity’s resurrection.
To use this element, I would do a Spirit ritual to reconnect to divinity, to experience some Light and for introspection. I would use the elements under the presidency of Spirit to better balance them. I might conduct a ritual of spirit to heal or to make one’s spirit stronger.

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