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Air Element

Attributes, qualities and correspondences of the element of Air.

Air is active, permeating and penetrating, therefore masculine. It is breath and the beginning of life breathed into us by the creator. An infant’s first worldly sensations are the difference in temperature of the maternity room detected by the feel of the air on wet naked skin, next he inhales deeply before letting out a scream that metaphorically states “I am!”.  Air is mental, psychic and of course is also physical. Air can weaken or strengthen fire, hold water or direct it, it helps some plants to reproduce or it can scatter dry soil and sand. This is probably why Air is associated with Aleph the first of the Hebrew letters which also represents the Sephirah, Keter when it stands for the Middle pillar of Balance. Air is also uplifting, inspirational and the element of communication.

Some correspondences or symbols of Air include its Ruler, Aral, the elemental species of Sylphs and their King Paralda. The color attributed to air is yellow because yellow has been attributed to mental processes. This could be because two of the three photoreceptive cones in the eye are sensitive to the frequency of yellow which probably means more mental stimulation is occurring with this color. The incense of air is Galbanum & the stones are Topaz and Opal. The trees or plants of air include Palm, Mistletoe, Dandelion, Mint, Lavender and Goldenrod. The symbol is that of a Circle and probably is attributed to air because the circle doesn’t appear to have a beginning or end. Air is attributed to the Tarot trump the Fool and the suit of Swords/Spades. The Hebrew Mother letter Aleph and the Vav of the Tetragrammaton. The triad of Kether, Tiphareth, Yesod and the Middle Pillar are airy. Aleph which also is airy is attributed to the Middle Pillar.

Two deities that correspond to Air are Shu and Nut, Nut is the sky whom was madly in love with Geb and Shu is the one who separated the sky from the earth. Two more deities that correspond to air are Heka & Thoth because Heka is divine utterance while Thoth is ‘Lord of Divine Words’ and the god of writing.

I would you use Air magically for communication, writing and divination. It could be used to create a light and uplifting atmosphere and to loosen up stagnation and dullness from too much earth. I would use perfumes, flowers, feathers and light music with female vocals like that of Enya. I might look to the clouds for meditation and divination.

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