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Water Element

Attributes,qualities and correspondences of the element Water.

Water is creativity, emotions & psychicness.  She is reflective, soothing, nurturing, social, changeable and passive. Water comprises three fourths of the Earths surface and 80% of our physical bodies.  It is known in chemistry as the universal solvent.

Some of the correspondences of Water are it’s ruler Tharis, the elemental Undines and their Queen Nichsa.  The color of water is blue.  The incenses are Onycha and Myrrh.  Her stones are Aquamarine, Coral and Moonstone. Moonstone is attributed to water because of its reflective properties, aquamarine because of its blue color and coral because it was a living entity of water.  The trees or plants are Fruit Trees, Water Plants, Lotus, Melon and Orchid. Fruits are typically juicy, water plants and lotus’ either reside on top or within water and orchids are a tropical plant that requires a lot of water and has wavy petals.  The symbol for water is Waves because water travels in waves. Tarot trump is the Hanged man and the suit of Cups/Hearts.

The Hebrew Mother letter Mem and the first Heh of the Tetragrammaton are also have water attributed to them.  In addition, water is reflected down the Tree of Life through Binah, Chesed and Hod. The Pillar of Severity which has watery Mem attributed to it is also considered watery.
Two deities that correspond to Water are Nun and Hapi. Nun was the God of the primordial ocean and father of all the gods and Hapi was the God of the Nile. Two other water deities are the Sumerian Tiamat and Apsu, the salt and fresh water bodies of the Earth.

Water is used magically to counteract an abundance of fire, to purify, to stimulate the psychic faculties and creative processes, and to replenish the spirit. I would conduct a ritual in the element of water to help me gain better awareness or control of my emotions. I would use waters, wine and the cup. Divinations used would be anything where insight is gained through reflective means, like that of water or crystals.


Water from Guodian Text

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